117 PA State Parks — Photographing Them All

9 08 2007

I’ve been mulling over the idea of trying to visit (and shoot at) all of Pennsylvania’s state parks. I’d initially thought about setting a goal of doing this over the course of one year, but quickly abandoned that once I realized that there were 117(!) of them. Now granted some of them, like Patterson, are little more than a bulletin board, a couple of fire rings and some trail markers, but others — like Cook’s Forest, Pymatuning and Shawnee — are full-fledged mini-resort areas. 

I’m thinking that maybe this should be a 5 year plan. I can cover the locations in western and central PA as weekend camping trips, and maybe take a couple of one week vacations to eastern PA over that 5 year period.  I have family and friends in Erie, Philly, Shippensburg, and Uniontown, so I shouldn’t ever be more than 100-150 miles away from someone I know.

Wish me luck…


Getting Organized

29 07 2007

I’ve been maintaining a Flickr account for some time now, and it’s been a catch-all for everything — family photos, Flickr-specific contest/theme/scavenger hunt stuff and my more consciously-creative pictures. This site is an attempt to pull out my more creatively-conscious and commercially viable photographs into one place.